When it's too cold to ski at the White Pass Ski Area you know it's cold. White Pass officials say temperatures are just to cold to operate the mountain. The forecast for Friday doesn't look much warmer with snow and freezing rain before 1:00 p.m. That mix of snow and rain is expected to turn to freezing rain after 1:00 pm Friday with a high near 30. But wind chill values could be as low as -7 gusty with winds as high as 24 mph winds on Friday afternoon at the White Pass Ski area. Will the ski area be open on Friday? Operators say they'll make a call on whether or not to operate early Friday morning. You can find out more on the white pass page at skiwhitepass.com

Looking any better for Saturday, Christmas eve?

Saturday's forecast is for a high of 35 degrees with gusty winds and a snow and rain mix...
On Sunday? Rain likely, mainly after 11:00 am clouds and a high of 37 degrees. Rain is also in the forecast Sunday night and into Monday. Daily operations continue at the mountain but the weather is always a factor. Ski area officials say they're concerned about people staying safe on the drive up the pass and while skiing or riding on the mountain.

Watch for elk when you drive to or from the pass

If you do drive Highway 12 to White Pass officials with the Washington State Patrol say be aware that elk are now near the roadway. The heavy snow has forced elk to seek food in lower areas of the pass so there's a possibility some elk could walk onto the roadway making travel a challenge for drivers.

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