Juju Pizano
Happy memories

This post breaks my heart to write. Do you know how you have people that just show up randomly when you need them the most? That is Juju and his Mama for me. One of the blessings of radio is getting to connect with the listeners and Juju and his mama have been riding with me for a decade!

He is always calling in requesting songs or giving a shout-out to his Mama! She in turn would call -in sometimes to say thanks for being kind to Juju, always taking selfies of the station vehicles whenever he rolls by.

Recently he reached out to let me know that his Mom was in the hospital, in a coma so I said I would send positive thoughts and to keep me posted. Sadly, his Mom has just passed away. Teresa is SUCH a wonderful person, her son is the kindest guy I know and it breaks my heart that she was taken away unexpectedly and much too soon.

This morning he reached out and was hoping I'd be able to share the info for their gofund me as they are trying to raise enough money to cover the funeral expenses. At the end of the first hour of my show, I'm dedicating, A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men to Juju and his family. I am so sorry for your loss and it's my hope that if you are able to assist in any way it would be greatly appreciated.

Wonderful Memories


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