Ethan is just some dude like you or I. He's a junior at Ike, he's in the computer technology program at YV-Tech and loves computers, especially robotics. After watching a YouTube video, he got an idea -- build an electric mountain board. Sure, he may have the knowledge, but he doesn't have the funds. This is how you can help.

The idea of a small electric board soon evolved into a mountain board project, using two motors, VESCs, and 52,800 mAh of battery to theoretically go a 30 mile range. We are very excited for this project, my classmates and I do not have any money to spare for this project.

He goes on to say that this is not a YV-Tech project, just that he's involved with YV-Tech.

Click on the button below for more information and to drop off a dollar or two. He's already more than 10 percent to his goal. Let's get him across the finish line.

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