GoFundMe Page Set Up for Yakima MMA Legend Rich Guerin
true pioneer in the world of Mixed Martial Arts being a viable pursuit in Yakima needs your help.
Rich Guerin, founder of Yakima Mixed Martial Arts training center as well as Team Guerin, has had a fundraising page set-up to benefit his family as he was recently admitted into ICU.
Help Save Yakima's Ice Rink!
Seattle will have their own pro hockey team within a few years, and for the youths who are interested in this incredible sport, we need to have something to offer them!
Help These YV-Tech Students Build an Electric Mountain Board
Ethan is just some dude like you or I. He's a junior at Ike, he's in the computer technology program at YV-Tech and loves computers, especially robotics. After watching a YouTube video, he got an idea -- build an electric mountain board. Sure, he may have the knowledge, but he doesn't…
Hey, this might work!
My little brother, Herschel, (who is now 30-something) called me up a few weeks ago and said that he was getting married(!) on May 1. That meant that I had only five weeks to come up with enough money to purchase plane tickets for myself and my daughter, Willow...
Want a taste?
In recent years, the hop industry has really taken off on a local level. I mean, we've always had a huge hop industry as the Yakima Valley accounts for 75 percent of the U.S. hop crop, but it's gained a much higher local profile with new breweries like Yakima Craft and Bale Breaker popping up.
Can yo…