I once had a girlfriend who insisted on kissing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, but as a young man, I had no idea why she insisted on getting that late-night smooch.

I've since discovered that it's a New Year's tradition and I'm sure it leaves some single people scrambling for that late-night kiss.

They say the tradition might've started in Rome, where the Romans would throw lavish parties filled with debauchery. New Year's kissing also has been linked to the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, so maybe it's just an excuse to get your kissing on.

The most common explanation is in English and German folklore, which suggests that a midnight kiss can strengthen a budding romance and not kissing someone at New Year's could result in a lonely, loveless year.

I have to say that's a pretty brutal way to look at it, but luckily you don't believe in such superstition right?

No matter what you do to celebrate New Year's, just remember that a new year is a nice reset and a fresh start to anything you dream and aspire to accomplish.


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