I’ve heard that if you’ve been to Oregon but have not visited Wallowa Lake, then we’re missing out.

There are a lot of hidden gems in Oregon, but from what I’ve seen in pictures and videos, Wallowa Lake is a keeper!

Note to self: Keep Wallowa Lake in my future must-see Oregon road trips!

Hidden Gems Are Everywhere in Oregon But This One Is a Keeper


Here are a few reasons why people love to visit Wallowa Lake and want to keep this bit of paradise all to themselves:


1 . People love to get married at Wallowa Lake Lodge; it’s quite the scenic spot to get married.

Wedding Venue Wallowa Lake Lodge in Oregon
Wallowa Lake Lodge via Facebook
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2 . People love to hike in Wallowa Lake. The views are breathtaking, especially in late Spring and early Summer.

Wallowa Lake Hiking
wallowalakepackstation via Instagram


3 . People love to paddleboard in Wallowa Lake. Just slather on your sunscreen, pump up your little inflatable and hit the water. (I will be the one wearing a giant life jacket.)


One visitor even calls it the “Switzerland of Oregon.”


@rarin_to_go Ice-tastic views in the Wallowas #mountians #wallowalake #hiking #oregon #eaglecapwilderness #swiss #snow #ice #waterfall #view #foryou #fyp #lake ♬ Vibes - ZHRMusic


@bitchcraftwithbrenda This is my heaven #wallowamountains #wallowalake #oregon do you wanna go with me? #letsgobestie ♬ Paradise - Bazzi



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