It’s that time of the year again for extended church services, dripped-out three-piece suits, Now and Later gators, bunny rabbit costumes and hunts for colorfully-painted eggs. Easter 2019 is upon us.

Unlike holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day—where artists are known to come out with themed songs and projects centered around the coveted dates—Resurrection Sunday isn’t exactly one of the most popular among rappers in the musical aspect. But that’s not to say MCs haven’t given the day its fair share of shine throughout hip-hop history.

There have been some notable Easter moments over the years. Like the time Kanye West and Tyga dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Then there was the instance where Snoop Dogg found the Easter Bunny. And who can forget the wildly-intricate, ultimately wrong Easter theory surrounding Kendrick Lamar following the release of his Damn album in 2017.

When it comes to lyrics, rappers are not shy about referencing the holy day—even if totally taken out of context. Several rappers have mentioned the special day in rhymes throughout the years including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake, Rick Ross and more, whether referencing how well they clean up, the color of the contents of their double cup or any other creative metaphor.

With Easter 2019 upon us, XXL compiles a list of hip-hop lyrics that shout out the holiday.

  • "Heaven"


    “Hello bitch, it's me again/Fresh in my Easter clothes feeling like Jesus”

  • "Play Your Part"

    Rick Ross

    “Twenty racks, really that's sneaker money/Triple white Ferrari, yeah that's the Easter Bunny”

  • "Cashed Out"

    Lil Wayne

    “Kidnap your ass, kill your ass/Then hide your ass like an Easter egg/It's Hollygrove to my deathbed”

  • “Down in the DM (Remix)”

    Yo Gotti featuring Nicki Minaj

    “Do he dress every day, like it's Easter Sunday?/Can he give me more head, than Peggy Bundy?” —Nicki Minaj

  • "Otherside"


    “When he passed him that Styrofoam/The Easter pink, heard it in a rhyme before”

  • "Drop the World"

    Lil Wayne featuring Eminem

    “Sleep on me, that pillow is where your head'll lie/Permanently, bitch, it's beddy-bye/This world is my Easter egg, yeah, prepare to die" —Eminem

  • “Why I Love You”

    Jay-Z and Kanye West

    “When the grief is over, beef is over/I’ll be fly when Easter’s over” —Jay-Z

  • "Mind of a Stoner"

    Machine Gun Kelly featuring Wiz Khalifa

    “Then I’m tryna make it money/And ride through my hood clean as Easter Sunday” —Machine Gun Kelly

  • “The Percocet and Stripper Joint”


    “Sippin' on Easter pink like it's Tanqueray/We ain't never gon' give this fucking life up”

  • "The Prayer"

    Travis Scott

    “Need a whole lotta vida 'fore I see the reaper/House full of snow bunnies, puttin' trees up like it's Christmas Easter”

  • "Difficult"

    Eminem featuring Obie Trice

    “Somehow I know you're near me in presence/Oh, I went and dropped some presents off for Easter/To them two little beautiful boys of yours to try to ease their/Minds a little, and dog, you'll never believe this/But Sharonda actually talks to me now... Jesus” —Eminem

  • "Barry Bonds"

    Kanye West featuring Lil Wayne

    “I'm such a hayvoc, oops, I meant havoc/And my drink's still pinker than the Easter rabbit” —Lil Wayne

  • "House Party"

    Meek Mill

    “Cooler than a fan, fresh like its Easter/Homie I don't even want your bitch, you can keep her”

  • "Beez"

    Kid Cudi featuring RZA

    “Are you running for this money money?/Hunting eggs like Easter bunny/Geeks trying to beast upon me, freak, I will eat a zombie” —RZA

  • "Blind Threats"

    ScHoolboy Q

    “Soul need saving, Mr. Preacher/I know I only come around when it's Easter/Funerals, Thanksgiving, Christmas time/When I'm in jail or when my card declined”

  • “Panther Like a Panther”

    Run The Jewels

    “I'll flood the speakers with heat seekers/And keep sneakers cleaner than nunnery pussy evening of Easter” —El-P

  • "Spider-Man Twat"


    “Come beat this pussy up like Sharkeisha/Young twat, got more eggs than Easter”

  • "We All Die One Day"

    Obie Trice featuring Eminem, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks

    “I'll pee in a cup for three months/I'm having an E party for Easter please come” —Eminem

  • "Ave Maria"

    Mac Miller

    “In exelsis Deo, ayo, this is Gloria/Ave, Ave Maria, I'm getting bread, yeast rise on Easter”

  • "The Winner"


    “It's how you start actin' when nobody can reach you/My plan just hatched, happy Easter”

  • "Roaches"

    Maxo Kream

    “First time I shot the gun, the neighbors called the people/I was watchin' 12 search for shells like Easter”

  • "Story: No Title"

    Denzel Curry

    “Gasoline, in my thermos and I'm 'bout to make a furnace out you niggas/Spitting ether, make-believers call it Easter”

  • "Trust Me Danny"


    “I was 'round there, I say, around like Easter bitch/All in my Easter fit, in front of Zaxby's/Smoking on that blue shit, bitches come and catch me”

  • "Save Dat Money"

    Lil Dicky featuring Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap

    “I can teach a lil nigga somethin' like a preacher/I can take his ass to church fresh as hell, no Easter” —Rich Homie Quan

  • "Outakes"

    Starlito and Don Trip

    “I'm balling, bitch, and I'm G’d up, same price for my features/But all these eggs I got for sale, turn any day into Easter” —Don Trip

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