DJ/producer HOLYWATER and Cruel Youth team up to lament great loves lost on "Hush," an ode to the one that got away.

Amid HOLYWATER's soundscape of flickering beats and hazy, woozy synths, Cruel Youth's smokey-voiced singer Teddy Sinclair reminisces about a past lover she still agonizes over.

"Hush little baby don't say a word / Take me back to the bridge we burned / Call your b---h with the alibi / I just want your body," she sings on the pre-chorus, before the beat comes crashing down on the drop.

"'Hush' is about that one love that seems to haunt you," HOLYWATER shares about the song, premiering on PopCrush. "That person you still look for in everyone no matter how much time has passed. It didn't last, but they still secretly consume you because they gave you a kind of high that no one else ever has. [They're the] one that you will forever be chasing."

Listen, below:

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