Homeland Season 5 deliberately left us on an ambiguous note regarding Rupert Friend’s fan-favorite Quinn, and news that Carrie would relocate to New York for Season 6 kept up our curiosity. Showtime offered a few cryptic teases, yes, but now seemingly confirms that Rupert Friend will be back for Season 6.

It remains to be seen exactly how Quinn might take any kind of active role in Homeland Season 6, given the character’s seemingly vegetative state, and Carrie’s initial intent to euthanize her fallen friend, though executive producer Howard Gordon seemingly had little illusion the character might return. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the TCA press tour, Gordon optimistically offered:

I will say that Quinn, who is extraordinary … has a good chance of coming back. The way we’re thinking about bringing him back — if he does come back — is really exciting to me personally.

Previously, Showtime boss Gary Levine teased of Quinn’s return:

Quinn is severely damaged — there is no question about it. The life or death question remains. If he should live, it will not be in any way, shape or form the way he has lived to date.

So, what might that mean? Ghost Quinn? Hallucination Quinn, a la Damian Lewis’ brief Brody return in Season 5? It also bears discussion how Quinn could end up in or around the New York area, where the majority of Season 6 is said to take place, but can we take Quinn’s survival as a given now? What might the two bosses be teasing, of a new form?

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