FIRST OF ALL, Why does Claire Danes always looks like she's painfully constipated on this show?
...So we had a lot of slow moving drama happen in last night's Homeland. Claire Danes aka Carrie Mathison, is at the Lebanon-Syria border being security detail for her boss who is delivering relief supplies to refugees. She is collaborating with Hezbollah to ensure safe passage and extra security and she pays this guys $40K for security and he says, sure thing, you get an hour. ONE HOUR for $40K. Those are some Beyonce prices right there. Anyway, The boss speaks for one hour but then asks for 10 extra minutes and Claire Danes was all, oh no you didn't, and then all mayhem breaks out. Somebody tries to assassinate him right there in the crowd but the boss escapes and tells Claire to jump on the helicopter so they can get out of there. That would be the reasonable thing, but no. Carrie says she's staying behind in Lebanon and figure out who ordered the hit on the boss. I was like, girl what is your flipping problem? you've got safe passage out of this war zone, but your constipated butt wants to stay behind and risk being killed by some more terrorists? Great, just great.

Meanwhile, Quinn is being an assassin and takes out this lady who's been recruiting teenagers to become bad guys. Yawn. And Saul is over here in Berlin trying to figure out who's behind the CIA leaks of classified files. He has that reporter chick arrested because she will not reveal her source of the leak. She declares, I am an American, I have rights! And the German agent was all like, that's all good and sweet honey, but you're not in Kansas no mo!

Tune in next week for more scenes of Claire Danes wearing the same tired-ass grey suit she wears in every episode, all the while looking painfully constipated and running from a bunch of bad guys, AND wishing she had brought a backup of her xanax and other assorted prescription drugs. She's got a preschooler back home in Berlin. She does not need to stay behind for ANYTHING. Girl, get on that helicopter, pick up some Metamucil on the way back, and get the heck out of there. You are not superman. Ugh.

I love this show! :-D

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