I've seen it below a dollar in the deep south but us Washingtonians don't have it so lucky but the gas prices are still dropping.

One gas station in Cl Elum is down to $1.29. It's Warrior's Quick Stop. Another Cle Elum gas station, Storey's Service Stations is $1.39.

How low gas can go remains to be seen but even the Columbia Basin has a few places where gas is below $2.00.

Conoco in Richland is currently $1.74 at Hanford 200 E and in Pasco, the lowest is $1.97 at Mid-Columbia Grocery on Court Street. I drove by there yesterday and there was a line filling up on the inexpensive gas so I decided not to stop but if you've got the time, why not?

There is a great website that helps you find the most inexpensive fuel, here is a link to gasbuddy.com 


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