Yakima City Streets officials are looking at a number of options to make a Yakima intersection, 48th Avenue and Washington Avenue safer for drivers. City officials are studying options for the intersection after seeing numerous crashes at the intersection over the last several years.

A deadly crash prompted city officials to look closely at the intersection

The most serious crash so far this year happened on March 20 when two people died in a three-car crash at 48th Avenue and Washington Avenue. Yakima City Engineer Bill Preston tells KIT News they're now studying options to improve traffic flow at the intersection.

Options include a light and a roundabout to make the intersection safer

They have a number of options to consider. Preston says even though the intersection is in the landing slope of the Yakima Airport they could place a light at the intersection but it would have height restrictions for planes. Preston says they could place a roundabout to improve safety. He says they could also take less expensive measures like removing the left turn option from 48th Avenue, restriping the intersection, placing warning signs and or increasing enforcement. All options are being considered and no decisions have been made. Preston says it's likely that drivers won't see any changes to the intersection for at least the next six months. Don't miss our conversation with Bill Preston set for Friday, April 8 at 7:15 am on KIT!

City crews are working on a section of 48th Avenue until April 22

While city engineers work to improve safety at the intersection of 48th Avenue and Washington Avenue city crews are busy with a project that has closed a section of 48th Avenue between Castleview Drive and West Viola Avenue until at least April 22. The work includes removing, widening and replacing the section of roadway which officials say could take longer than the expected two week project.

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