Two lucky winners for the Powerball drawing last night!Yeah, one of them was not me that is for sure! The lucky tickets were Drawn in Missouri and in Arizona. They have until May 27th 2013 to claim there prize!

I can not even imagine not claiming the prize the next day! When, and I mean WHEN, I win the lotto, I already have my financial advisers standing by ready to help me invest all of that money!

But first I have One Hundred people that I would give Five Hundred Thousand to a piece. My charity of choice would be anything that had to do with kids and making sure that they are taking care of.

My daughter would get half of my winnings and my family! Then I would buy a house some where warm with no snow ever except to go sking, and stay there for the rest of my life!

Now that it is over this morning here is a way you can read your loosing lotto tickets properly!

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