We still haven't managed to get "Take Me to Church" out of our heads, but Hozier has already done it again. The Irish singer-songwriter's newest single "Work Song" captures that same brooding and anthemic vibe, a heart-baring bleeder about devotional love.

"When my time comes around, lay me deeply in the cold dark earth / No grave can hold my body down / I'll crawl home to her," he sings in the chorus.

Set in a sparsely lit and sepia-toned space, the video watches as couples spontaneously begin to dance in the crowd as Hozier and his band play the song onstage. The choreography is tense and passionate, as the couples spin, lift and cling desperately to each other.

"Work Song" is the second single from Hozier's 2014 self-titled debut studio album to break through in the U.S.

As for what comes next, Hozier discussed future plans with M Call. "There were a few of the songs that were released as kind of bonus tracks, so we have a few of those in the sets," the singer said. "And there are one or two covers. It's something that we might do for fun, like a pop cover that we might change up and have some fun with. Or I might play some blues music, which was very influential to me."

And don't miss Ellie Goulding's stunning cover of Hozier's breakout smash "Take Me to Church."

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