Today is 'Slurpee Day' at 7-11 in Selah and 7-11 on 16th & Summitview! Jazzy from those two 7-11's will be donating 50% of each Slurpee sale to our 10 Deeds In 10 Days! But, I am freaking out because, I am on the air and cannot leave! Help! Can someone please bring me a Slurpee? There is a catch, I have no money because, I donated it all to '10 Deeds In 10 Days!'Banana Slurpees are the best but, I will take any flavor! Slurpee's are my favorite!

Stop by Selah 7-11 and 16th and Summitview and get a Slurpee! Check out all the other events we have for '10 Deeds In 10 Days' and help us fill those food banks!

We have our 'Celebrity Auction' going on as well. Go bid on a few items, too!

Or you can go on line to 'Go Fund Me Dot Come' and search '10 Deeds Selah!'

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