Yesterday, July 11th, was Free Slurpee Day at 7-11. Everyone was awarded a free 7.11oz slurpee in honor of 7-11's birthday. Although 7.11 ounces of slurpee is very generous, I decided to abuse their generocity by getting more than the allotted 7.11 ounces.

Simply enough, I took the large slurpee lid, turned it upside down and filled it up from there. I showed the clerk at the time, he smiled and told me to have a nice day so he seemed cool with it. I didn't want to post this yesterday because I didn't want everyone doing this.

I did feel a little bad about taking advantage of a free situation so, to make up for it, I'm going to 7-11 later today and paying full price for a large slurpee and probably grab a couple of hot dogs as well. Thanks, 7-11, for being so cool about it! And thanks for the free slurpees yesterday.

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