Parents who have kids about to start school in the Yakima School District might not know about this, so keep reading -- you will save yourself a lot of time and money buying unnecessary food. Use my experience as a cautionary tale!

My daughter Willow is entering kindergarten in a couple of weeks, so I am furiously trying to get prepared for her first year of elementary school. My mom, Mary, is in town visiting us and yesterday she said she had a few extra dollars that she wanted to spend buying me and Willow some groceries for Willow's school lunches. (Gotta love parents!) I told her that her money will go WAY farther at the store that rhymes with "Brocery Moutlet" than all those other stores, where you buy only two things and they go, "OK, that'll be $40!"

My co-worker, Riggs, told me that he saw my pic of all the food goodies I put on my Instagram page.

"You do know school lunches are FREE, right?!" he said.


"Yeah, all school lunches AND breakfasts in Yakima School District are now FREE!"

Looks like I will have a whole bunch of extra snacks for anybody, if you want some!

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