Before Christmas, was having a sale on their DNA kit that breaks down your DNA to see where you come from. My wife was interested in doing this for herself but I figured I'd go ahead and get one for me, too. I've always heard my dad's side came from Norway while my mom's side came from the Ukrane. With the results now in hand, I'm happy to see that, yes, those are listed, too, but there's more to it than all that.

Although Norway and Ukrane are listed on here, they're not even the most prominent as I thought they would be.

Turns out, according to Ancestry, I'm mostly from Ireland, Scotland and/or Wales. It's more generalized as they can't pinpoint exactly which city or anything like that, but I guess my DNA states that the lot of it comes from this area.

It also says I'm 1% or less South Asian (India, etc) in a 'low confidence' region. Not sure exactly what that means. Maybe it's their best guess.

Curious to see settlers in Virginia, then move from there including Southern California which, I believe, is where my mom's mom was.

This was a fun experience and now I have even more of a reason to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day.

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