This past Saturday night, I went to the best Mardi Gras party in Yakima! That's right, ain't no party like a Yakimardi Gras party, 'cause the Mardi Gras party don't stop!

It was a fundraiser for the St. Paul private school, but the people watching at this event was like looking at a roster of a "who's who" of Yakima. Held inside a sprawling and festively decorated LaSalle High School gym, the event was hosted by parent co-chairs Sabra Nelson and Jaqueline Schlieman.

I had a blast the entire night. I saw among the attendees the fun and fabulous families of Picattis, Bremermans, Bliesners, Myers, and more! I schmoozed and enjoyed the company of local police sargents and exceptional Yakima socialites!

The opulence of a great N'awlins Fat Tuesday party filled the air as guests dined on food catered by Rich Sisters Catering (I am still daydreaming about that shrimp & rice jambalya) and imbibed on bottles of Treveri Cellars (they ran out) and other decadent wines and beers.

My favorite part of the event was sneaking into the photo booth (i went twice) and took pictures of myself in my black formal party dress (the back of my dress was out and dipped way down low to my tailbone, I was LIT), and my violet Mardi Gras mask.

I got so many compliments on my mask! It is definitely a one of a kind. I got it a couple of years ago at the Steampunk booth at the Yakima Comic Con!

I Mardi Gras'd like a rock star!

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