Who is going to find the baby?

It's Mardi Gras people!

Reesha Cosby

Grab some beads and flash yourself! Covid-19 ain't playing and neither is New Orleans this year. The streets should be crowd less, a rarity for this time of year, but that doesn't mean people aren't celebrating.

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They've taken to decorating their houses in the most clever and colorful ways.

Where can you find some tasty treats in our area?

Essensia Bakery

What is this magic? Shrimp and Duck Gumbo really sounds hearty and delicious plus that gorgeous King's Cake for dessert. Hello!

Have you ever tried to make beignets before? Light and fried, it's a delicacy everyone should experience and if you are vegan, CLICK HERE for a baked recipe to test out.


They are hiring

Not only is Popeyes hiring but for those that aren't familiar, Popeyes is a restaurant based out of Louisiana, right in the heart of Mardi Gras land. If you notice near the top right corner of the picture, there is a balcony, like the kind where you would be throwing beads down to people that flash you!

Getty Images

The good news, you don't have to flash anyone to grab some cajun flavored goodness or a pack of freshly fried beignets, tossed in powdered sugar and filled with chocolate sauce. Nom! Nom! Nom!

JD Raymundo

Another great person to follow if you love New Orleans and their delicious dishes is Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebrations from CreateTV. He is always so excited about all the food he eats and just seems like an all-around good guy. Here is his preparation of Crawdad Enchiladas with Con Queso. He never skimps on the good ingredients.

Mardi Gras Lunch

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