I've always been a fan of breakfast cereal ever since I can remember. It was something easy to make myself, didn't involve using the oven which I was scared of as a kid and was pretty cheap. Even now that I have my own kids I still find myself enjoying a bowl of cereal more than maybe I should. When I saw this fancy cereal I knew I had to try it.

This cereal comes from the brilliant mind of Dominique Ansel. He's the guy who invited the Cronut -- that doughnut, croissant crossover treat. He has an online shop through his website and I saw this cereal available. Even though it was $25 a box I knew I had to try it.

It's called Christmas Morning Cereal and, to some, it has become a tradition of what to eat the morning of December 25th.

This cereal consisted of caramelized milk chocolate covered rice krispies, cinnamon meringues and candied hazelnuts.

It, by itself, is great that anyone can enjoy. I tried it with milk first and it tasted amazing. Very rich in flavor but you could tell the quality was all there. One bowl is all you need. It was almost a flavor explosion and an assault on my taste buds but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Though meant to be used for breakfast cereal, you can honestly use this mixture as anything by just eating straight out of the box or over ice cream. Lots of options.

I believe this is only sold during this time of year through his website but does give you the option to let you know next time they go on sale.

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