Reesha Rating: 3.5 Stars.

I had been anticipating to watch the American Music Awards this past Sunday so that I could see The Weeknd and Coldplay perform, but I got sucked into the deep, dark world of the new Netflix show, Jessica Jones, instead!

Netflix quietly released the show on Friday (November 20), but it wasn't until Sunday afternoon until I had the chance to sit down and watch an episode while my daughter was taking a nap.

Synopsis: Jessica Jones is a superhero who is being haunted by memories and hunted down by her ex-boyfriend, who apparently is the world's most evilest (is that even a word?) villain, Kilgrave. Kilgrave uses mind control to make any living person do his bidding and he makes people kill others and do an assortment of evil deeds--all in his quest to lure Jessica back into his arms. Jessica uses her profession as a private investigator-for-hire to prove that a young girl, Hope, is innocent of killing her parents. She does all of this while dealing with creepy, loud, and crackheaded neighbors, an abusive adoptive mother, her famous, wealthy, and loyal adopted sister, Trish's violent boyfriend (who doubles as a police officer), and a shady lawyer named Hogarth. Jessica must also come to grips of her relationship with the bootycall-turned-love-interest, "unbreakable" Luke Cage.

There are 13 episodes for Season One and each of them are action packed and thrilling!