My son Jaron, who has severe autism, goes to Children's Village a few times a week to learn several things. One thing we're currently working on is how to act in public, especially at a restaurant. The folks at Children's Village advised my family and I to go out to eat once a week to Jaron used to a restaurant setting. Where, in Yakima, should we go?

Not just restaurants, but any social setting, makes him uncomfortable. The loud noises, the strangers, the chaos, it's all a little much for him. We're working on getting him distractions, such as a toy he could quietly play with or some activity he could focus on -- as long as he can focus on it.

My wife was ecstatic at the assignment. We don't go out to eat that much, so she's happy to get out more during this summer season. Less cooking and fewer dishes is always a good thing.

So now I face the ever-so-daunting task of finding restaurants in Yakima where we're served. Places like Red Robin, Applebees, etc.

Any ideas? What are some great places in the Yakima Valley we can go to get my son used to going out more? Post them in the comments.