Today was our first ice day. Many of us had to scrape the ice off our windows while balancing on our iced-over driveway, street or where ever you happen to park your car in the cold. Since my car is parked out in the open, it was blanketed with the kind of ice that you really have to put some effort into it. If you're all out of deicer or just plain don't have any (or it literally got so cold that the deicer you left in your car froze over - it's happened to me), here's what you can do.

Use the back of your ice scraper first.

This is something I didn't know about until I moved to a tundra of a place known as Casper, WY. It gets really cold there. Super cold. It was there that I learned that the backs of ice scrapers have those claws that scratch the ice first so it makes it so much easier to scrape your windshield without putting in to much elbow grease.

This may have been common knowledge, but I figure if I didn't know about it, maybe you didn't either.

Any other tips? Place them in the comments, please.

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