The following is a letter I sent off to the Trader Joe’s people in the "Request a Trader Joe's in My City".


Dear Everyone Reading This,


I bid you a lovely evening.


We have been BEGGING for a Trader Joe's in Yakima for many centuries. (Okay, it's been a couple of decades, but feels longer than that to me, hee-hee.) Please hear our cries and bring one of your coveted stores to our city. That way, we don't have to drive nearly 2+ hours to the closest one in our state. We even have a Facebook group dedicated to bringing one in Yakima. Everyone around me has given up, but I refuse to extinguish the flames of HOPE in my heart. Thank you for listening.


Kindly, truly,

I don’t know if this request page has actually worked for any city, but it’s worth a shot, right?

Requesting a Trader Joes in Yakima
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If you don’t know what a Trader Joe’s is, do you even live in Washington, bro? (Sorry, that was quite a Judgy McJudgerson of me to say.) Before moving to WA in 2002, I had never heard of it either, but I quickly learned people in the Yakima Valley were/still are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this place.

There’s even an essential verb phrase for it called, “making a Trader Joe’s run.”

How to Bring a Trader Joe's to Yakima
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Trader Joe’s has great prices on wine. They used to have the $2 Buck Chuck. I think it’s over $3 by now, with the rise of inflation and all. I used to stop by the one in Issaquah to get their frozen mac and cheese.

There are several Trader Joe’s on the West and East side of Washington. It’s like they decided to skip the Central part of our state altogether, and that has got to change. We’re about to be in the year 2024. Surely somebody up in the location scouting department can bring a Trader Joe’s to Yakima!

Trader Joes Locations in WA screenshot
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Trader Joe's, you don't want me to give you my Dolly Parton stare! Bring a store to the Yakima Valley, please! 


Trader Joes Email confirmation
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If you would like to help us bring a Trader Joe's to Yakima, please sign this request form here.

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