Don't get me started on all the thousands of celebrities who have launched their own private labels for this, that and the other.

If you haven't heard already, rapper and producer DJ Khaled just launched a new business, We The Best Home furniture line.

I have to admit, I'm We

Remember when Jessica Simpson launched her line of shoes sold in department stores everywhere? She practically became a billionaire!

Patti LaBelle released some sweet potato pies bearing her name and news of it launched a viral video sensation!

What about THE OLSEN TWINS?! They are literal billionaires because of all their product lines, including clothing, lunchboxes, makeup, and clothes.

Celebs like actress Drew Barrymore, rapper Young Thug, and singer Jon Bon Jovi have their own line of wines, rosé and liquors, oh my!

Look at pop singer Rihanna's new beauty line, Fenty and her new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty. Kylie Jenner has a lucrative makeup line. Rachel Ray and Ayesha Curry have cookware that you can get in most home goods stores. How cool is that?!

Heck, even country music singer, Keith Urban launched his own line of guitars! Miranda Lambert, has her own footwear line at Boot Barn and runs a bed & breakfast in Oklahoma!

I want that type of success, too! Have I mentioned that I am green with envy! It's the entrepreneurial spirit within my bones that is dying to leap out and become lavishly successful at something!

I want my own brand of home furniture, cookware, beauty & skin care, kids' clothes, coffee mugs, and wigs!

Actually, I do have my own brand of coffee mugs and  t-shirts but I'm not the best graphic designer, so my sales have been hella weak. I need to hire an assistant! I recently found information to start my own brand of makeup (but not the skin care), but I don't have enough capital saved to start my product line. As for the rest of my "private labels", I haven't begun the research needed to get it going.

If you have that entrepreneur streak within yourself like me, until we strike it big in "Retail Land", let's just keep dreaming big! That's the first step! ;-)

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