I could go on for days but here are a few of the movies and a show that have really stuck with me over the years

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    The Shining

    Back when I was just a little nugget this was mine and my best friend Brandi's go to scary movie. We attempted to watch it at every sleep over and every time we freaked out and shut it off early.

    As an adult I feel this is a total classic that should always be in rotation. Also I am really into comparing books and movies so I think I might have to grab a copy of Stephen Kings The Shining and see which is better.

    Do you already know the answer?

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    The Conjuring

    I'll put the entire series in this one, honestly the second one freaks me out more than the others. The .... in that one stayed with me. Very creepy. Which is your favorite cause you know it even goes farther with Annebelle. Based off of true stories. Ahhhhhh!

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    This is another one from my childhood. I was pretty sheltered when it came to scary movies as a kid. One of my first memories of a scary movie. I was probably less than 10 years old at the time and hanging out with cooler older cousins so I tried really hard to act like I did this kind of thing all the time. That night I was staying at my Grandma's and when she closed the door. The mirror was right there. OMG.

    I never said the words but I also didn't sleep that night.

    Oh the memories.

    There's a sequel that's decent and I super pumped excited because Jordan Peele is creating a new one

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    The Witch

    Not from my childhood and not for children. This is one of those movies that is slow and quiet and really, really creepy. It's set back in the day and feels real. I am getting a little chicken skin now just thinking about it

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    Sandra Bullock slays in this movie. If the end of days looks anything like what this movie portrays. HOLY GUACAMOLE. Intense.

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    The Haunting of Hill House

    This is a Netflix series that keeps you on your toes the entire time. The type of creepy story that is so well written with tons of twists and turns that it's fun to watch again because you are sure to catch new things.

    The wrap-up game with this one is strong :)



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    Paranormal Activity

    There are now six of these movies and I believe number two was the one I never fully finished because, no spoiler, if you've seen any of them there is a moment in which some people just stop watching. It was too much for me. So creepy and so many to choose from.

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