There's nothing like a good meal made just like you'd get from your hometown to soothe a homesick heart. Sometimes you just need to take a moment and remember all the savory recipes that comfort your soul.

I have been feeling stressed out this holiday season and very homesick for my family and friends back in Nashville, Tennessee, so I dipped back into my bag of tricks to make a delicious plate of soul food. I had to naturally include creamy macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes with marshmallows (and pecans), and some southern fried chicken. Since I wasn't feeling up to making the traditional pot of collard greens, I opted for a baby greens salad, sprinkled with some shredded cheese (which is the only way I like it). All that was missing was the hot water cornbread, but I felt that I had been in the kitchen long enough.

Seeing this plate of food that I made from scratch (except for the boxed Shells & Cheese) really put me in a happy mood and calmed me down from the stress of being thousands of miles away from my Nashville home.

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