Tonight is another round of fun with Wine Divas at the 4th Street Theatre!

Wine Divas is a ladies-only event that caters to many women's cravings for a girls-night-out type of experience. It features time for mingling, wine tastings, vendor shopping, a DJ with a big dance floor, great food and fun games -- all wrapped up into three hours!

Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube

The theme for this month's Wine Divas event is "burlesque," so I ran out and bought myself a sexy baby pink corset. I can barely fit in it, and I can't really breathe when I wear it, but honey, I am going to look sexy tonight (for a change). I cannot remember the last time I got dressed up really sexy for anything. It has been several years. My boobs aren't in the same perky position (I blame that on having a child), but I plan to suck in my gut, stick out the girls, and channel my inner Sasha Fierce tonight!

Hope to see you there, ladies! And fellas, look out for this hot mama after the show! Where is the after party?

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