Five participating high schools took part in an event at the 4th Street Theatre for a Mr. Capitol competition. Each school had a representative to showcase a talent with the crown on the line.

West Valley High School had JJ Doria playing flute.

Naches Valley High School had Julian Dow doing spoken-word poetry.

Eisenhower High School had Anthony Dagenais who performed a dance routine.

Wapato High School had Albert Squeochs rap on stage.

Sunnyside High School's Caleb Mortensen sang a song from the Broadway musical Chicago.

These students just finished fundraising efforts for their respective school helping raise funds for the Memorial Foundation.

West Valley students were also on hand to perform a dance routine which took home an award by default. Eisenhower High School had the most students in attendance for this show so they were awarded 100 tickets to a future Capitol Theatre show.

JJ Doria took home the crown. All in all, a great night for the performers and people in the audience.

Thank you for supporting the local arts.

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