This morning I was woken up before my alarm by my husband, who was in a VERY good mood. Not that he's normally in a crummy mood, but the giggles and not being able to contain himself from waking me up before my alarm usually proves super risky, and he just didn't care. So I sucked it up. Instead of complaining, I listened.

By the tone of his voice, I could actually hear the smile in his words. Not only is it his day off today, but unbeknownst to me, Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame" is now available on DVD. He confessed this morning he had pre-ordered it and his plan for the day was to lay around and watch it! Did I want to join him? Of course, but this lady has to go to work.

So instead of telling him to wait until I am done for the day or give him a hard time for purchasing something that he really LOVES, I am embracing the fact that my husband is a pretty wonderful guy. If Marvel movies make him happy, who am I to deny him?

I have actually grown really fond of them -- "Dr. Strange" and "Thor: Ragnorak" are my favorites!

It brings a smile to my face, knowing my honey is happy, so I'm making mental notes of the things that bring him joy so that every once in a while I can sprinkle some extra love around our lives. How is your list coming?

Next month, we will be celebrating our seventh year of marriage! :) We have had many ups and downs, just like any normal couple, but I will say there are a few key things I have learned that have made us stronger over time. I figured I would share.

  1. Your partner is not your twin, so expecting him to answer how you would or want the same things you do all the time won't be happening. That's why you have girlfriends and other people in your lives to fill the extra spots
  2. Respect your partner enough to love that they love things you don't! Being different is what keeps it interesting, so if they LOVE to ride bikes or go out to the movies every once in a while, make a point to treat them to a new bike part or save up and take them on a movie date. Hopefully this is happening both ways :)
  3. Speak your truth and don't allow miscommunications to boil over into straight-up angry situations. There have been moments where he or I assumed something that wasn't the case, causing A LOT of frustration for both of us until he or I finally asked and found out that wasn't even CLOSE to what we meant or said in the first place! Yesterday morning's tears were completely unwarranted because I misheard what he said and the poor guy was just trying to make a joke!
  4. When in doubt, hug it out! Keeping a close connection with your partner is super important. So make sure to send them flirty messages! I read the funniest meme the other day asking this question, "Can I schedule a dick appointment?" BUAHAHAHA --just text them and see what they say! ;)
  5. Watch movies together and who knows? It could end up in a Netflix and chill situation :)

To all the Marvel fans out there! Today is our day! :) Have a good one and happy watching!




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