In a game that got hard to watch for even the most invested fan due to a seemingly non-stop whistle-blowing fest, it was ultimately a MISSED call that may have sealed the Gonzaga Bulldogs fate in last night's loss to North Carolina.

While "ticky-tack" fouls are part of the game, a blown call with :50 seconds to go gave the Heels the ball and a one-point lead when CLEARLY posession should have been awarded to the Zags.

Carolina's Kennedy Meeks got into a scrum for a loose ball under their own bucket with the Bulldogs' Silas Melson. Meeks's right hand is obviously out-of-bounds which should have resulted in the ball going to the Zags. Instead, a jump ball was called by the official - who was standing directly above the entire tussle - and the arrow pointed to Carolina.

The eventual champions proceed to hit a shot with just :27 seconds remaining, increasing their lead to three.

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