I have the greatest memories growing up listening to my Uncle Steve pepper my brothers and I with epic jokes on road trips!

One-liners like, "You can pet a dog, and you can pet a cat, but you can't Petaluma!" (the tiny town I grew up in) That might actually be an original ;)

Have you heard of the famous Pancho Villa? Let me see if I can get him to tell it! (hold please)

I remember your-mama joke battles, the Kool-Aid man and dare I say it, blond jokes! I know it's 2019 so you could switch blond to anything because these are all for fun, these are jokes.

A blonde, a brunette and a red head are running from the cops…  they duck into a barn and jump into some old potato sacks to hide.  The cops come in and start searching around the barn.  They approach the first potato sack with the brunette in it and gives it a little kick.  The brunette goes, “Meow!”.  “Hmm, just a sack of kittens” says the cop.  Next they find the sack with the red head inside.  They give it a little kick and she goes, “Woof!”.  “Hmm, just a sack of puppies” says the cop.  Finally, they give the third sack a kick and the blonde shouts, “POTATO!”

So in honor of International Joke Day, I felt the need to compile some good laughs

I also would LOVE to hear your favorite jokes. This afternoon I will be sharing some of the ones that make me giggle and would love to add yours in. You can send them to me via our app!

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