Seriously, food surrounds every gathering. Regardless of how you celebrate you are probably about to consume a hot dog or two in the next few days. I love em and there are so many ways to enjoy them.

Top Speed Eaters Compete In Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
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I get a chuckle for those who make it a pastime to shove tons of these delicious guys down their throats.So in honor of the fourth of July and reigning hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut 72 (as of 7/3/2018)  A brief summary I picked up on wikihow to win a hot dog eating competition cause fear has no place in a hot dog eating competition ;)

Here it goes

1) If you are under 18 years old it's a no go (but knowing is half the battle - just saying) So everyone knows a trip to your Dr. is advised to make sure your body can handle what you are about to go for

2) Playlist (this is my husbands addition) and I have to agree to get in the zone you need some music...and inspiration

3) Where you going to win this hot dog eating competition?

The most popular location

For those that are going down the eating contest rabbit hole I present to you 

4) Winning by the numbers - 2017 current male champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut 72 Hot Dogs current female champion Miki Sudo 41 Hot Dogs

5) You need to start moving around! Hiking, jogging, swimming and find your favorite type of chewing gum because your jaw needs to become one of your strongest muscles. No cramps on game day.

6) Drink loads of water. This is a good habit anyway but have you heard the amount of sodium that's in a hot dog? Click Here for the water suckers, find your favorite cup to consume H20 and drink up!

7) Find the stomach expanding foods (this is where the Dr. comes in. Don't want to over due a certain type of food group) watermelon (careful) & steamed veggies 

Find your favorite way to consume the juicy dog and bun, time yourself, work on taking the huge bites and always have someone around that can assist in case you start choking.

CLICK HERE and scroll down if things go sideways

Have fun and good luck (send me stats if you go for it)  at least you know what it takes, you can watch someone else do it. Hopefully while eating a hot dog haha #nomnomnom


Sarah J

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