Before I got into radio broadcasting I worked a variety of retail jobs around Yakima. I enjoyed them and all, but never thought there'd ever be a reunion. But, like a high school reunion, I was invited to an employee reunion to catch up on old times with my old co-workers from 20 years ago. Is this a thing now?

Right after high schoolm instead of going straight to college like most, I opted for a retail job at the Rite Aid at 24th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard. I was a jack-of-all-trades who could ring people up, build store displays, cut keys, change watch batteries -- I did a little of everything except fill prescriptions.

Like most places of business, you become acquainted with your co-workers as they become an at-work family. I enjoyed my time at Rite Aid. I just never thought there would be a reunion. Unfortunately I'll be gone the day of the reunion, so I'll have to miss it. Otherwise I would definitely be there.

It's just that I've never heard of something like this before. I think it's a great idea. Maybe others should adapt this and have more reunions of the sort.

Would you go to a previous work's reunion with your old co-workers? Tell us in the comments.

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