Our digital guru JT invited me to his home in the nether regions of Selah to pick blackberries this weekend. In the store, blackberries are about $3.99 a pound, which seems silly to pay since they grow wild all over Washington.

If you do plan to pick them yourself, I offer a word of warning: What you don't pay for in cash you'll pay for in a pound of flesh. Blackberry bushes are VERY thorny and even have tiny thorns on the undersides of their leaves. I still have what appear to be heroin-addict puncture marks on the inside of my forearm.

In the end I picked about 2 pounds of blackberries and had fun doing it. Then I channeled my inner old lady, bought some pectin and made homemade fresh seedless organic blackberry jam. I made about three times what you'd pay $5.29 for in a store for just $3 (the price of the pectin and the jam).

As you can see in the photo, there are a lot of blackberries that aren't even ripe yet. JT has made me a standing offer to come back in two weeks. Can't wait!

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