Near the beginning of the new year, Girl Scout cookies start showing up -- in front of your local supermarkets, from your neighbors, at work from your coworkers' children and even via local Facebook groups. I'm always a huge fan and buy several boxes every year. I buy more than I need and put a few in the freezer, but I always forget about them until the following year.

I guess I can finally crack these guys open!

Every year I get at least one box of everything. I'll get more than one box of Thin Mints and Samoas because those are my favorites.

Thin Mints keep in the freezer very well, so I'll get some boxes just to harvest for the Girl Scout cookie drought and be able to have Girl Scout cookies during the fall and winter seasons. They make great items to bring to parties during that time, too. You'll be rewarded for planning ahead, I promise.

So, as I sit back and enjoy these, maybe I'll consider getting a few extra boxes just to have for later. I've had Thin Mints last for a year. Samoas usually don't last as long in my house, but they keep pretty well in the freezer, too.

What's your favorite cookie? Tell us in the comments.

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