Mel’s Diner in Yakima is Still Serving Delicious Food Since 1982
This is a staple in the Yakima Valley and I'll be honest, it was looking a little scary during the pandemic. First, they closed their doors and there were rumors that it might not open again. That was heartbreaking to hear, I know I'm not the only one who grew up enjoying late-night coffee…
The Top 7 Businesses Yakima is Demanding in 2021
With very strong signs that the economy is improving, and vaccinations should be available to everyone by the time summer rolls around, you can be sure that there will be a surge of interest in what Washington State and the Yakima Valley have to offer to those who may have been displaced during…
[POLL] What Yakima Restaurant Could Go Global?
Now that our region has graduated to Phase Two in the 'Pandemic Games', Yakima Valley residents are going to have the opportunity to return to at least some of our regular activities. Activities including dining indoors at some of our favorite restaurants.
Yakima’s Award-Winning Cheesy-Spicy Hot Artichoke Dip
Super Bowl LV is this Sunday. While there may not be the same kinds of big gatherings that we're accustomed to, you can be sure that Americans will not pass up the opportunity to partake of all of the joy of snacking. This day, after all, is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to our calo…

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