Need to get away from it all? Try one of these gorgeous, peaceful, and relaxing coastal towns in Washington state. There is so much to enjoy, from the sounds of the Pacific Coast ocean waves to the great eats and outdoor adventures along the water shore.

I know first hand how soothing it can be to take a respite in a coastal Washington state town. When my father had passed away years ago, my friends took me along on a girls road trip to the beach. I found solace as I dragged my toes in the sand and listened to the soundtrack of sea gulls. You will find something in one of these five coastal towns that grabs your attention.

5 Charming Coastal Towns in Washington for Your Summer Getaway




Ocean Shores WA
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Check out Sharky's Gift Shop, walk amongst the huge beach rocks, or if there is no fire advisory, camp out on the beach and cook some steak strips over the campfire.




Union WA
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If you want to pamper yourself and your family, splurge on a room or cabin at the Alderbrook Resort so that you can relax along the shore of this pretty coastal town in Washington. You can also visit the Twanoh State Park without staying at the resort, and the views just might soothe your soul.

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Friday Harbor in San Juan Islands, WA
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Take a walk along the marina, do some shopping, check out the Whale Museum, or visit other parts of the San Juan Islands.




Bremerton WA
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Take the ferry over to Bremerton or drive there via State Route 304. Visit the Harborside Fountain Park for a quiet, coastal getaway.



Whidbey Island WA
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If collecting seashells is your thing, you can do that in Whidbey Island. Many visitors love to explore the local wineries, restaurants, and ride bikes on the beach.

These are just 5 of the many gorgeous and charming coastal towns to get away from it all in Washington. I hope you find the perfect, charming coastal town for you!

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