Unique Real Estate in Washington: Churches for Sale

I have a friend who used to live in a small church in rural Central Washington. The church was for sale, so she purchased it and turned it into her own private home. What a genius idea, I thought to myself, when I stepped foot inside her interesting abode. I was thinking about her cool home the other day, so I did some digging around to find some churches that are currently on the market for sale in Washington. I found 6 of them available in the cities of Belfair, Dayton, Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma, Washington.

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7 Curious Churches You Can Find for Sale Right Now in Washington

These religious properties for sale in Washington range from large complexes that cover an entire block with seating for several hundred worshippers to small, humble facilities ready to house church services for less than 100 people. You don't have to buy the property to keep for use as a church. People purchase church commercial properties and depending on the zoning use, convert them for other use besides a place of worship.

Points to Ponder When Investing in Church Real Estate


Key factors to remember when buying a church property for sale in Washington:

  • Will There Be Adequate Parking for Your Needs?
  • How Many Stories Are Included in the Property?
  • Is There a Basement?
  • Estimated Annual Property Taxes
  • What Is Your Anticipated Use of the Property?
  • What Type of Landscaping Needs Does the Property Have?
  • How Intensive Will the Remodeling and Building Upgrades Be Once You Purchase the Property?
  • What Is the Roofing Situation of the Property (rooftop or sealed)?



7 Unique Churches for Sale in WA
Jordan Plihal on Unsplash

The six churches I discovered for sale in Washington currently range from over $4,000,000 for the most expensive one to $599,999 for the most budget-friendly church building.

Now, let's take a look at these interesting church property listings in Washington state.

Seattle Churches for Sale

Tacoma Church for Sale

Everett Church for Sale

Dayton Church for Sale


Belfair Church for Sale


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