None of Washington State's Cities Begin With This Letter of the Alphabet

None of the 490 towns in Washington start with ONE certain letter of the alphabet. Can you guess which one it is without cheating? We made this discovery when looking through an A to Z list of every city in Washington to jokingly see which names didn’t sound like they “belong”. It was then we noticed that one particular letter was missing from the alphabet pile. For some reason, we found this fascinating.

Next, we began looking for the name of the oldest city in Washington (Steilacoom) and then we attempted to find the last incorporated city/town. That particular search proved to exhausting, so we just stuck with a list of cities in Washington that “don’t sound like they belong here.”

Keep reading so you can find out which is the missing first letter of the alphabet for cities and towns in Washington state.

Which of These 490 Towns in Washington Sound Like They Don’t Belong Here?

1 . Acme:

Belongs in a cartoon with Elmer Fudd and the Roadrunner.

2 . Arlington:

Sounds like it belongs in the state of Virginia somewhere.

3 . Black Diamond:

Fitting name for a huge ski slope town in one of the Dakotas.

4 . Burbank:

We think of California when we hear a city named Burbank. Burbank Studios: wasn’t that the name of the place where they filmed the hugely popular Gen X and Millennials Nickelodeon television show, All That? (Turns out they film a TON of great shows there, including Days of Our Lives, Lucifer, Extra, and a few movies, too!)

5 . Cosmopolis:

Sounds like a city next to the Metropolis, where Clark Kent works as a “newspaper reporter.” (It’s actually located near Grey’s Harbor.) Ocean Edge PNW Real Estate Team via YouTube

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6 . Dayton:

Is anybody ready to start singing the “Buckeye Battle Cry”? We think of the state of Ohio when we hear the name, Dayton.

7 . Dixie:

That name sounds as cute as a Southern Belle. It also makes us want to take you by the hand, pretty mama, and start karaoke singing to “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers.

8 . Electric City:

Not to be confused with that spicy song by Prince! No offense, but Electric City sounds like it is the name of a buttrock cover band from the 80s.

9 . Greenacres:

Hold up, is Greenacres, Wash., the country farm town where Eva Gabor and her grouchy TV husband moved to when they got sick of living in the big city, was it? Our research says, no, that town was actually called “Hooterville” on the TV show. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember watching black-and-white reruns of Green Acres as a kid.) Kingston: This town name belongs in Jamaica!

10 . Lacrosse:

No, the name of the town is actually LaCrosse with a capital C. No relation to the sports game of lacrosse. Too bad. AWCities via YouTube

11 . Long Beach:

Sounds like it’s the home of celebrity rappers Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Warren G, and Frank Ocean, but that would be the California town, not here in Washington.

12 . Mossyrock:

Sounds like it should be the name of a beautiful Scottish town with mossy rocks all over the place.

13 . Ocean Shores:

Sounds like it should be the name of a themed waterpark.

14 . Startup:

Sounds like a fake city made up by tech geeks who want to take over the world, but this town was actually named after a dude who managed a lumber company back in the 1800s.

15 . Toledo:

We must have Ohio on the brain because Toledo is a big city out there, too. V via YouTUbe

16 . Vancouver:

Raise your hand if you have to ask, “Canada or Washington?” when someone says they are going to Vancouver!

AND NOW FOR THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING ALPHABET LETTER: There are no towns or cities in Washington that start with the letter:

No Washington Cities Start with the letter J

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Check out this list of all the registered cities and towns in Washington if you are a nerd like us!

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