Do you ever shop for something online and click on the “High to Low” price option first? Just me? I do that, just to see how the other half lives. There are a lot of wealthy people living in Washington who can afford to splurge on the little BASIC things we need, like litter boxes for their cats, and clothes dressers for their kids’ bedrooms.

If you want to see what the rich Washingtonians are spending on such basic household necessities, get a load of this list of 10 over-the-top, ridiculously expensive things.

10 Over-the-Top Ridiculously Expensive Things Washingtonians Need



XMSCN Cat Litter Box
XMSCN via Amazon

Have a cat? Do you really need to buy this ridiculously expensive litter box? If you have money to burn, you do. The company who makes this extravagant litter box, XMSCN, says it’s “super quiet to use”, as if cats aren’t already quiet and sneaky enough. Hey Fluffy, go take a $4,900 dump in your new litter box, why don’t ya! If you divide that price up by days of the year, that’s only $13 dollars worth of dumps per day. That’s not that bad, if you look at it that way, Fluffy.

This cat box from Homhedy doesn’t seem so ridiculously expensive next to the other one.

Homehedy Cat Litter Box
Homehedy via Amazon



Jozzy Dressing Table for Kids
Jozzy via Amazon

My daughter is always throwing her dirty clothes on the floor, so I thought to myself, maybe she just needs a cooler-looking dresser drawer that will inspire her to fold up her clothes and store them nicely. Enter this expensive-looking 6-drawer dresser for $1,291 from Jozzy.

This cool-looking 6-drawer dresser from Enhomee doesn’t seem so pricey once you know somebody out here in Washington is buying their child a dresser that costs over a thousand bucks!

Enhomee 6-drawer dresser

Enhomee via Amazon



Zktoermn Trash Cabinet
Zktoermn via Amazon

My apartment is tiny so there is not a lot of space to put a trash can that’s out of sight. I recently decided to upgrade our home to a trash cabinet. I am definitely not going to splurge on this $745 one from Zktoermn, but if I was rich, I probably would.

I like this more affordable one for $89. It seems like a steal compared to the price of the other one.

Medikaison Tilt Out Trash Bin Cabinet

Medikaison via Amazon



Liuzh 60-pc Dinner Plate Set
cfcjtz via amazon

Sure, you could be a cheapie and buy yourself some disposable plates or get some from the dollar store. OR you could live a little and get these astronomically expensive white LIUZH unbreakable ceramic dinner plates for over $5,000.

I prefer something more modest, like this adorable FAVORISERA Ikea plate set. It only costs $19.99. They may not be unbreakable, but they are durable and muy inexpensive in comparison.

Favorisera Dinner Plate Set from Ikea



Nube Water Generator
The Innovaqua Store via Amazon

Who knew there was a $1,900 water filter in existence? Not me. This one from Nube is supposed to help you “begin a new lifestyle” by using air and electric power to “produce up to 30 liters of water a day.” Now run and tell that to Kevin Costner!

If nineteen-hundred bucks for a water filter is not your style, maybe getting one for less than $15 is more appealing?

Aquara Water Filter Pitcher

Aquara via Amazon



Expensive Vacuum Cleaner
Akfrie via Amazon

I don’t care how wealthy I may someday get, you won’t catch me getting a $13,000+ vacuum cleaner! I mean, this one from Akfrie says it is a “swivel steering powerful hair pick up” machine, and “leaves dirt nowhere to hide”, so I could possibly see myself buying this if I struck it rich in the Washington state lottery or something.

I love the one I already have though. It was pricey enough to me at $44.98.

Dirt Devil Vacuum

Dirt Devil via



Liruxun Toilet Seat Cover
Matong via Amazon

I’m sure there aren’t that many rich people in Washington buying gold-plated toilet seat covers, but I bet you someone has already bought this one from Matong for $517 LIRUXUN resin-filled designer one. The seller says this pricey plastic toilet seat cover is “a perfect housewarming gift to your friends and families.” Yeah, to your RICH friends and families!

I’m not one to spend that much money on something that touches my booty, but I might splurge on this pretty turquoise one, though.

Emtee Toilet Seat Cover
Emteey via Amazon


A HAMMER: $3,268

Beryllium Copper Explosion-Proof Hammer
Jingsu via Amazon

It’s definitely hammer time if you’re willing and capable of paying over $3,000 for a household hammer. What are you planning to be hammering, diamonds? It’s made out of beryllium copper. Oh, and it’s explosion-proof!

I like my hammers where I can see ‘em (aka, see ‘em sold cheaply). The one for $2.38 works just fine!

Topoint Hammer

Topoint via


LAMPS: $34,385

Hey, I love lamps just as much as the next guy…


…but I’m not sure I'm willing to part ways with my money for a lamp that costs over $34,000.

N/A Crystal 3-story lamp
rlzcff via Amazon

I imagine there are many wealthy types in Washington state who already have spent that kind of money on a lamp. They probably consider that kind of money "chump change" for a good lamp. The seller, Rlzcff, says this 3-story lamp “symbolizes the endless career and a happy family.” Well, for that kind of money, it better have!

I like my gaudy lamps a little on the lower-priced side.

Steampunk Lamp
Fhomhair&Greine Store via Amazon



Leonardo Coffee Tumbler
レオナルド(LEONARD) via Amazon

One of my besties, who is a nurse here in Washington, told me that at her old job, the nurses would try to out-do each other at work by showing off their coffee tumblers. I’m guessing they considered them to be a status symbol, kind of like if Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls wouldn’t let you sit at her lunch table if you didn’t have the right kind of coffee tumbler.


“Oh, you have the Great Value coffee tumbler? Well, mine is from S T A R B U C K S, so take that, Jessalyne!” (That’s what I imagine the conversations amongst Washington state nurses must be like.)

This is a very lavish coffee tumbler from レオナルド(LEONARD) on Amazon. It costs three-hundred-twenty-three dollars. (You read that correctly, $323 for a coffee tumbler.) It is a double-wall coffee cup made of heat-resistant glass and silicone, and is safe for the dishwasher and microwave.


Man, I get my coffee tumblers REAL cheap. I’m talking about dollar store cheap. Ain’t nobody got time to buy a tumbler that costs an arm and a leg!

Dollar Store Coffee Tumbler


Now that I mention it, ain’t nobody got time to be buying most of these ridiculously expensive things here in Washington, or for any other place, for that matter. Unless you live somewhere like Dubai or something.

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