How fun is this unforgettable Airbnb in Clinton?

You’ll love this place if you want to be welcomed by goats, geese, chickens AND freshly baked cookies!
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The pet-friendly Mother Goose Cabin is just minutes from the Mukilteo ferry and the scenic ton of Langley. You'll enjoy the hobby farm with goats, chickens, and geese. And there are some babies to see.


According to the Airbnb listing, the Mother Goose Cabin is:

Situated on the west side of our little three acre organic hobby farm, the Mother Goose Cabin is a rustic building of reclaimed old-growth barn boards featuring a 10 x 12 open room with a ladder up to a sleeping loft large enough for 2 adults on good speaking terms.

You can book the cabin for about $172 per night.

Some notes from the hosts:

  • Whidbey Island is notorious for weak cell signals.
  • Buildings are of lovingly reclaimed materials... windows may be drafty. Propane heaters are in place but temperatures can fluctuate. Quilts and warm cups of tea are in abundance.
  • Some degree of athleticism is required to climb the ladder to the sleeping loft!
  • Please let us know if you are bringing children or a dog so that we may wrangle up the birds into their enclosures before you arrive.


The Mother Goose Cabin gets awesome reviews:

This is our fourth year in a row staying at Elisabeth and Jeff’s farm and it is always a joy and the perfect getaway from busy and congested city life. Elisabeth is a fabulous communicator, her baked treats are delicious and she and Jeff take such great care of us with local recommendations. Mother Goose Cabin, where we stayed, is the perfect tiny cabin but all of the cabins are just lovely, each with their own character and charm. The bathrooms are beautiful with their claw foot bathtubs, heated toilet seats and every amenity you can possibly think of if you left anything at home…it’s just a wonderful little sanctuary and we love rediscovering all the thoughtful details each time we return. We can’t wait to be back! - Roxanne


You’ll love this place if you want to be welcomed by goats, geese, chickens AND freshly baked cookies! The vintage touches were beautiful especially the beautiful chandeliers. We definitely want to come back!-Madi

Check out the beautiful photos of this charming AirBnB below!

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