After the cold snap we just had, double-checking your car wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m not talking about the antifreeze/coolant, the air in the tires, or the deicer in the windshield washing fluid (although it is a good idea to check).

I’m talking about the things you need in case of an emergency. More than just a blanket. Things like Jump Cables if your battery or alternator goes out. One particular item you might not think of is kitty litter. You might laugh, but it’s a great way to add extra traction in the winter to help you out of that slick spot.

The kit isn’t just for you, but so you can help someone who could use assistance. No matter what you drive, 2-wheel, 4-wheel, all-wheel, car truck, gas, or electric, an emergency car kit is a great idea, ESPECIALLY if you’re driving an EV.

With people driving Electric Vehicles, keeping an emergency car kit ready to go, especially for long trips, is essential. The cold can zap a battery, and if you’re stranded on one of the many passes throughout the Pacific Northwest, a well-equipped emergency car kit could be a lifesaver!

Washington Winter Emergency Car Kit

These items make a great Christmas gift idea for loved ones living in Washington State.

Gallery Credit: AJ Brewster

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