If you're reading this article on Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day, then it's probably too late for you to utilize these terrific tips. But at least you have them and a can start making a game plan for next year. Or perhaps you've already mastered the craft of holiday spending and your wallet is currently full and jolly.

There are many reasons to be cheap during the holidays, and by no-means am I using the word cheap as an insult. Times are tough, LIFE is expensive. Going around and buying SOMETHING for EVERYONE you know, can wear you and your bank account down.

Maybe you're annoyed about how commercialized Christmas has become, and believe in the Santa Claus Conspiracy. Or maybe you're just fed up of the hustle and bustle or the fake niceties that people can put forth during the season and CHOOSE to be alone this time of year. Whatever your reason, I get it. At least you won't be even further in debt and dreading the credit card bills in February.


#3: Change Religions

Many religions don't celebrate Christmas and you could convert to one of them. Even if it's just for the Holidays. If that sounds wrong or like it'd be too much work, choose atheism. Or make up your own!

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#2: Become A Hermit

Pretty self explanatory. If you're a hermit, then you have no one close to you, no obligations to purchase a gift or go out of your way to be festive. You ever see a broke Hermit Crab? NOPE!

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#1: HUGS!

Put a bow on your head, and when you see people, give them a hug. Tell them that being in their life and vice versa is a gift, and that you are grateful. If you're not a hugger, maybe choose option #2.

Christmas tree and festive living room background with a man wearing a blue sweater and a silver bow on his head having his arms open for a hug.

This article was written tongue-in-cheek and from a spot of warmth and humor. I don't think anyone would disagree that we put too much importance on gift giving during the holidays, and not enough importance of the relationships we share.

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There were a couple years where all I could give for Christmas was a hug. I asked everyone who usually shared in the gift exchanges to skip me, some did, some didn't, but when I showed up wearing a bow and offering a hug, it was genuine and well received. It really is about the people and relationships you have in your life, not what you give them.


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