I drove as a medical courier for just over 13 years as my full time job. I've seen a lot of things and have had many close calls on the road. You would think it's common knowledge, but wise man says "common sense is hardly ever common".

It is sad that people need reminders of this, but it is even sadder to lose a loved one caused by a motor vehicle accident when it could have been avoided.

Just because the major holidays are out of the way, and travel may done and over in your books, doesn't mean these tips aren't useful in your day-to-day commute.

"According to the NHTSA, more than half of auto accidents that cause serious injury or death occur within 25 miles of home. Furthermore, around 52 percent of accidents occur within five miles of home."
- Hutzier Law

So far, we've been lucky with our weather this year, but Winter is far from over. Technically, the last day of Winter isn't until March 19th, 2024. So we still have a little less than 3 months of potentially hazardous driving conditions. Especially if you're heading over the passes. Check out the pass conditions here, and always be prepared with emergency supplies... just in case (2 bonus tips for you, before we even get started).

Flood Alerts Issued As Heavy Rain Hits UK
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Check out these tips, if nothing else, just as a friendly reminder, so you can stay safe and get to where you need to go!

5 Tips for Driving Safe on Washington's Slick Wet Roads

Gallery Credit: AJ Brewster

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