As many of us gathered around the water cooler today to discuss the big game from yesterday, Rihanna's baby bump and Ozzy wearing a tie were big topics. It was sad that not much (at least in my circle) was said about the actual football game. Oh, that's right, a game happened! I wonder when they will stop a music concert in the middle so that a small sports game can be played?

The talk eventually led to Superbowls of years past, and no one remembered Bruce Springsteen's fantastic powerslide right into the camera. Or the comical effect and scars that would impact my soul on that very day!

All the talk (that I was excited about) was about how a movie commercial would be aired just before halftime in 3-D! The movie was Aliens Vs. Monsters (a great fun film, by the way). I was pumped! I had my glasses on, and I was ready for the commercial.

Me being dumb and 28 years old, I kept my glasses on after the commercial. I might add that we were watching the game on my brother's brand-new 70-inch HD TV. The halftime show started. It rocked; Bruce Springsteen came out and owned the stage! He was in top form and delivered a memorable performance. More memorable to others for the upcoming reason. Check that full performance out HERE courtesy of the HalfTime SuperBowl YouTube Channel.

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Bruce Springsteen with 3-D Glasses
Will Russell, Getty Images/Canva

At the 3:40 mark, you can get The Boss's Junk smashed into you after Bruce did a wicked powerslide right into a camera. Now, you have a warning that it's coming up. Dumb me, wearing 3-D Glasses watching a brand new 70-inch HD TV back in 2009 LIVE... HAD NO WARNING! Thank goodness there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction at that same moment. I'm sure it would have ruined 3-D entertainment for me for the rest of my life. If you want to just see the POWERSLIDE, check the video out below, warning NSFW (language).



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