I didn’t know Florida man moved cross country, but looking at this story, you’d think that was the case. Some people have all the luck, or lack of it, especially Fresno, California, resident Keith Chastain!

38-year-old Chastain was arrested, not once, not twice, but ten times in less than a month. Not to give the guy any ideas, but man, you’re this far into it; you might as well try to get into the Guinness book of world records!


According to YourCentralValley.com, his latest arrest involved a stolen truck. He was arrested without incident while he was on his way TO THE POLICE STATION to pick up personal property that was confiscated from a previous arrest.

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When it comes to his ten arrests in 31 days, the Clovis Police department apprehended him six times, and other agencies handled the other four.

Those ten arrests certainly rack up the charges with 15 misdemeanors and 18 felonies, including stolen vehicles (6 in total), fraud, vandalism, DUI, and more.

Keith Chastain arrested 10 times in one month.
Photo Credit: Clovis Police Department

Why was he released so many times and so fast? Tony Botti of the Fresno County Sheriff’s office explained how they were Federal Court Order Releases.

“Unfortunately, this is not as unique of a situation as it seems. California has watered down the laws so much over the years for property criminals and repeat offenders that they are not held accountable like they should be. Sadly, it is our community members who suffer due to these soft-on-crime policies.”
– Tony Botti, Fresno County Sheriff's Office


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