Oh, the dreaded office party. The one day of the year when you're guilt-tripped into hanging out with your coworkers. For many people, this is, in fact, a chore. "I don't hang out with them outside the workplace; what makes the 'higher-ups' think I want to hang out during the holiday?" Then there are others (like myself) that don't mind the company holiday party. Worst case, you waste a couple of hours with people you'll see the next day. Best case, you have a story that will last a lifetime! These are some of those stories!

John Stubbs gave us a tale of testicles and a deep fryer!

"It was Applebee's in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. A coworker at the party deep-fried his testicles when he fell in them. After he healed from deep frying his nuts, they promoted him to a store manager. He was an IDIOT. Instead of singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire," we changed it to "Scott's nuts deep frying in an open fryer'." - John Stubbs


Jammie Stacks was embarrassed after walking into his holiday party and being asked, "so now you're going to get laid?" All because he had started dating someone, and the coworkers found it. I think they were just jealous!

Two other stories we received from listeners were less embarrassing and more frightening.

We evacuated the entire Kittitas county courthouse, and called up the bomb squad from Yakima, for a "suspicious package" that ended up being a Hillary Clinton Nutcracker, in 2007." – Grace Mackenzie Moynihan

A similar thing happened to Richard Bumstead. He replied to Grace's story with:

"Same thing happened to me in 1996 in Corvallis! Somebody sculpted an eagle out of wood and left it at my dorm for Hillary Clinton. Cops thought it could have been a bomb, but it was just wood."


In many other stories, we have the same beginnings and ends. They started with alcohol and ended up in the HR office the next day. If you are having a work party to celebrate, be smart, and if you or a coworker isn't… Tap the App and tell us the embarrassing story! We'd love to hear it!

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