They say that love and romance is all around you. You just have to look. But you might want to avoid looking in Oregon. That's not saying you CAN'T find love and romance in the "Weird" state, but statistically speaking, it won't be likely! sifted through data dealing with Google trends, spending habits around Valentine's Day, and marriage statistics. They gathered the date, assigned point value, and boom! They were able to take aim with Cupid's arrow to pinpoint which states are the most and least romantic in the U.S.

The headline of this article states that "Oregon drools." You might think that type of thing is romantic, but most do not, especially since Oregon is dead last on the romance train. Nothing about the statistics from Oregon was necessarily bad or out of range compared to the rest of the U.S., but just combined, their "Romance Score" was the lowest.

When I said "Washington Rules," well, that was in comparison to Oregon and over half the country. Washington came in at #20 when it came to romance.

Top 5 Most Romanic States?

Those rankings belong to North Dakota at #1, Kansas at #2, New Jersey (really?) at #3, Utah at #4, and Idaho at #5. Arkansas came in at #6, so I could joke about how they'd be hiring on the list if it wasn't for cousin issues, but I'll leave that joke for another time.

Top 5 LEAST Romanic States?

You can't have the good without having the bad, and even though those states might not be bad, it is just something else that's NOT romance in the air. Mississippi is at #46, Louisiana at #47, Alaska at #48 (makes sense, who has time for romance when it's so cold), Vermont at #49, and, as already stated, Oregon at #50.

To see the full breakdown, check out Do you agree with their results? Why or why not? Tap the App and let us know!

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